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Eye Disease

* The information on this website is not meant for diagnosis, treatment or cure of a medical problem.

If you have an eye problem, make an appointment with your eye doctor.


Any eye disease can affect vision. From front to back, an eye disease can affect any part of the eye. We can break them down by anatomical location 


With age the natural lens inside the eye become less transparent. It's usually a slow process and at some point in time, the cataract starts affecting vision. When the vision is affected enough, the patient undergoes cataract extraction and insertion of an artificial Intra Ocular Lens to replace the natural lens.

Age Related Macular Degeneration or AMD

This is a disease of the retina. (the tissue at the back of the eye).  Some risks facfors are smoking, age, family history, light skin. AMD damages the central vision and affects vision far and near. 


It is a disease of the optic nerve. The optic nerve links the eye to the brain. We don't know the exact mechanism, but we do know that eye pressure often plays a role. That's why it's very important that during your routine eye exam we check your eye pressures and look at the optic nerve, to look for early signs of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a serious disease than leads to blindness if left untreated. Early on, there are no symptoms, and when a patient experiences symptoms such as loss of side vision or central vision, its usually too late. Glaucoma is manageable with eye drops usually or surgery.

Dry Eye Disease 

It is very common for patients to experience symptoms of dryness. It usually manifest as a burning sensation, foreign body sensation or sandy feeling. There are many subclinical entities of dry eye diseases. Some patients don't produce enough tears. Some others produce poor quality tears, usually due to blepharitis. The treatment range for dryness is fairly wide. For minimal dry eye disease, sometimes, artificial tears or lubricant is sufficient. In some other patients, we need to use medicated eye drops or pills. 

A final word...

There are hundreds of eye diseases that affects your visual system. They can manifest as blurry vision, or pain or redness. At our office, as it is required in Florida, during your eye exam we will do a complete exam to make sure there are no signs of eye diseases. The refraction (determination of glasses power) is only one small part of the exam. Your doctor will review your medical history, the drugs you are taking as well as your family history and will perform all testing necessary. ​


If it's time for your eye exam, please make an appointment at our office in North Miami

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