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Neuro-Ophthalmology | Double vision

Headache | Migraine

Because the eye and the brain are so intrically connected, it's no surprise some brain problems can manifest as eye problems

The brain receives visual information from both eyes. This is by far the most resource intensive process from a sensory standpoint.


  • Double Vision

The brain coordinates the eyes, aligns them by action of 3 different cranial nerves that control the eyes muscles. The autonomous system controls the pupil size and focusing muscles. 

When one of those 3 cranial nerves is affected, by a mass, a lack of oxygen, or a neuropathy, the signal cannot be properly transmitted to the eye muscles resulting in ocular paralysis and double vision.

Oculo-Motor nerves can be affected by a mass, an aneurysm or more commonly by an ischemic neuropathy in patients with high blood pressure or diabetes.

As a general rule, sudden, constant double vision must be evaluated by an eye doctor, an emergency physician or your primary care doctor the same day. 

Depending on the presentation you may need brain imaging, such at a CT-scan or a MRI. 


If you have sudden double vision (seeing things twice), come see your North Miami optometrist for eye exam. We offer same day appointments for eye emergencies and work with different ophthalmologists on call 24/7.

  • Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines are the second most common chief complaint and reason for patients to come see us for an eye exam in our Miami optometry office. 

There is a strong urban legend that if you have headaches, you must need glasses.

While, certain eye problems such as hyperopia or binocular vision disorders can lead to headaches, most are unrelated.

In those eye exams, history is key. When do headaches happen? First thing in the morning or later during the day? Are they associated with a certain visual behavior such as computer use?

We examine many patients who complain of headaches. We make sure the eye exam is normal, both from a refractive standpoint (patient needing glasses) and from a medical stand point by making sure the optic nerve shows distinct margins and patient does not have optic nerve edema.

If the eye exam is normal, patients are referred to a primary care doctor or a neurologist for further headache investigation.

Migraines are a different animal. Migraines are a group of neurological disease that do not have any ocular cause. 

However, many migraine sufferers do have visual symptoms such as eye pain or seeing an aura. An aura is a visual phenomenon where the patient experiences some form of visual field loss or abnormality, shimmering in the vision, flashing and color lights appearing in the vision. If you experience those symptoms for the first time, do make an appointment with your Miami eye doctor for an eye exam because those symptoms are too close to those of a retinal detachment for comfort.

Lastly, there are many triggers to migraines crisis. Stress, certain foods, hormonal changes, and exposure to certain lights. Although migraines are not an eye problem, having good visual hygiene and staying away from certain artificial lights could be beneficial.

If you suffer from headaches and think your eyes might be the culprit, make an appointment in our North Miami office for an eye exam. 

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