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Lasik Evaluations

Get evaluated for a Lasik Surgery

with the best eye specialists in Miami


Lasik Surgery Evaluation in Miami

Lasik is a corrective surgery that provides a permanent fix for some vision problems. The procedure uses surgical lasers to alter the structures of the eye so that light is focused accurately on the retina.


The effects of Lasik are permanent and the outcomes improve with good patient selection.

Your doctor will ask you about your goals and visual needs. Sometimes, pre-existing medical conditions may hinder recovery from the surgery.


To ensure successful outcomes, your doctors will conduct an examination to assess your potential for the best outcomes after Lasik surgery.

Lasik pre operative Evaluations cover a wide range of issues. Your doctor will review your medical and ocular history to rule out potential post operative complications.

If your doctor think Lasik is not going to help you in the long-term, they will suggest alternative treatment options or suggest pre-operative treatments to optimize the outcome.

Lasik evaluations include the following steps:

Complaint Assessment and Expectations from Surgery

Patients often overestimate the benefits of Lasik, which may cause dissatisfaction from the surgery. To avoid this, your doctor will give you a detailed description of the risks and the outcomes of the surgery; it is up to you whether you still want Lasik.


The complications from surgery include glare sensitivity, double vision, under or over-corrections , dryness, and in rare cases potential permanent loss of vision.

Lasik  cannot solve all vision issues. Some patients may still need to use glasses after laser eye surgery

A Thorough Medical and Social History

If you accept these risks, your doctors will check for pre-existing conditions. They will also ask what medication you take and whether you are a smoker, among other things.

Autoimmune disorders, severe dry eye disease or diabetes for instance can hinder your recovery from Lasik. These medical conditions could lead to more complications than the surgery would resolve and so, compromises your validity as a Lasik candidate.

Certain medications such as antihistamines, acne medication, sleeping pills, can affect the healing of the cornea after Lasik. If you do take any of those medications, your doctor may wait that you stop taking them and ask that you come in later for further evaluation.

Physical Examination

Your doctor will conduct an in depth eye exam to assess the likelihood of success with LASIK.

After a detailed history is obtained, your doctor will ensure that your glasses prescription has been stable and is likely to remain stable. Comparing the prescription over a few years period is helpful. An eye drop called a cycloplegic is used to paralyze your focusing muscles to ensure that your prescription is stable with and without the drops.

A binocular vision assessment is done, because some binocular vision abnormalities can lead to myopia progression.

As a general rule, anyone younger than 24-25 should not undergo lasik, as usually, the prescription is likely to change.

A clinical examination is performed to assess the state of the ocular surface. Severe dryness is a major contra-indication to the surgery . Minor dryness is usually health with prior to performing the procedure.

A dilated funds exam is performed to ensure the patient doesn’t have any retina disease or glaucoma.


Not all patients are good candidates for lasik, and lasik cannot be performed on everyone. Other refractive surgery technique exist. A thorough discussion should happen between the patient and the surgeon to elect the best procedure for each particular situation.

Dr Gilberg and associates work with experienced ophthalmologists (Refractive surgeons) to conduct Lasik evaluations and provide eye healthcare in North Miami. Call us today for more information on our services.


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