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Eye Doctor for Ocular Emergencies

Our eye doctors will take care of most eye-related emergencies.


Emergency Eye Care

Eye emergencies symptoms can include eye pain, redness, itching, foreign body sensation or vision changes such as sudden vision loss, flashes in vision or floatters. Some eye emergencies can be  a very painful and an uncomfortable experience. For instance we commonly see corneal ulcers in contact lens patients. Some of those eye emergencies can be sight threatening and it is always best to address them without any delay. 


At Dr Gilberg and Associates in North Miami, we offer patients access to emergency care to provide immediate relief to most of their ocular emergencies. We also work with some of Miami best ophthalmologists groups and will arrange a referral for you if need be.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our emergency ocular services in Miami.


Eye emergencies can happen for any number of reasons, the most common forms of eye related emergencies include trauma to the eyes, such as corneal abrasions, infections such as pink eye and retinal problems. If you experience any unusual symptoms it is best to consult right away with an eye doctor who can address the issue and guide you , and take action either in the form of medication prescription or by referring you to a sub-specialty eye doctor.


Delaying care can result in a poor visual outcome, leaving permanent damage. Of note, some systemic emergencies can first manifest as eye problems, this can the case for strokes. We always say, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry so make sure you visit your optometrist or ophthalmologist at the earliest to assess the urgency of your particular situation.


Any sudden onset of double vision, intense eye pain, loss of vision, dimming in vision, flashes of light must be addressed immediately.

We work with some of the best eye specialists in the industry to make sure that all of our patients  have access to the best eye health care services around the clock. After hours, our calls are handled by a large ophthalmology group in Miami.


With our staff and our network at your service, there is no medical emergency that we cannot effectively manage for you. We begin with an initial assessment of your signs and symptoms to diagnose the cause of your condition and then elaborate a treatment plan that will aim at speeding up resolution of your eye condition. This treatment plan might include eye drops, oral medications, small office procedures, and/or a referral to an ophthalmologist for more serious conditions and always in case you need surgery.


Call us today for more information on our ocular emergency services or to book an appointment with our optometrists in North Miami.

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