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All You Need to Know About Dry Eye Syndrome

There’s more to teary eyes than sadness or the recollection of fond memories from the past. Although we may not realize it, our eyes are full of tears all the time. Each time we blink, tears spread across the front surface of our eyes—known as the cornea.  

Tears provide lubrication to our eyes, keep our vision smooth and clear, wash away any foreign particles that may be present in the eyes, and reduce the risk of contracting an eye infection.


Tears are good for our vision and the health of our eyes.

Sometimes, however, our eyes don’t make enough tears, or they produce poor quality tears. In those cases, we end up with dry eyes. This condition is called dry eye syndrome.

Prevalence of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is quite common in the United States; it affects more than sixteen million American adults, typically middle-aged men and women. People with allergies are thought to be more susceptible to developing dry eyes.  

So what exactly causes dry eye syndrome? Why do our eyes stop producing tears (or good quality tears) in sufficient amounts?

The “Why” of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes can be a result of external or medical factors.

Some of these external factors include:

· Aging

· Dry climate

· Windy weather conditions

· Prolonged exposure to screen time

· Long-term use of contact lenses

As for medical factors, they include:

· Medication side effects

· Diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and collagen vascular diseases

· Vitamin A deficiency

· Thyroid disorders


Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome

Thankfully, there are several effective treatment options out there for treating chronic dry eye syndrome. Optometrists first perform certain eye tests to assess the underlying cause(s) of dry eye in an individual, and then prescribe a treatment accordingly.

So, if you’re experiencing a stinging, scratching, or burning sensation in your eyes, or have any other symptom of dry eye syndrome, consult a qualified and licensed optometrist today for medical assistance.

Your Friendly Optometrists in Miami, Florida

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