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Can I swim with contact lenses?

Swimming with contact lenses can increase the risk of eye infections and other complications, as the water can contain bacteria, parasites, and other harmful substances. Soft contact lenses can absorb water, which can cause them to become contaminated and lead to an eye infection. Additionally, chlorine and other chemicals used to treat pool water can irritate the eyes and cause discomfort or damage to the contact lenses. If you need to wear contact lenses while swimming, it is recommended to use daily disposable contact lenses, which can be discarded after use. Another option is to wear tight-fitting swim goggles to protect your eyes and keep the water away from your contact lenses. If you do wear contact lenses while swimming, it is important to take proper precautions to minimize the risk of eye infections and other complications. This may include washing your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses, avoiding swimming in stagnant water, and removing the contact lenses as soon as possible after swimming. It's important to follow the instructions and advice of your eye care professional, as well as the manufacturer's guidelines, for the safe and effective use of your contact lenses.

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