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Can I Use Eye Drops Instead Of Glasses?

Eye drops for presbyopia

An eye drop instead of glasses?

You probably saw it on the news, pharmaceutical companies are bringing new products to the market to avoid reading glasses.

One product already on the market is called "Vuity".

The active ingredient is called pilocarpine. This is a medication eye doctors are familiar with because it was used decades ago to treat glaucoma; it is still used today for a few eye conditions.

Pilocarpine does a few things but mainly creates a pinhole effect increasing the depth of focus. This helps patients read upclose without glasses. After using the medication, vision is improved for about 6 hours.

While this is not a replacement for glasses or contact lenses, it can certainly be used for special occasions such as social events. Before the drop can be prescribed, a detailed exam of the retina should be performed.

If you are interested in learning more, book an appointment with us, we will see if Vuity is a good match for your needs and ensure you can use it safely.

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hallandale eyecenter
hallandale eyecenter
Aug 08, 2022

This blog is very informative

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