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Correcting a Lazy Eye—Causes and Treatment

Lazy eye, more commonly known as Amblyopia, is a very common cause of visual impairment. Affecting approx. 2–3 children out of every 100, the condition typically occurs because of misalignment between our eyes.


Because the brain is not able to appropriately process the images that are seen by one eye, it turns off or suppresses vision from that eye. This, in turn, deprives it of its primary function; to help you see clearly.

And that’s what causes amblyopia.

What Causes Image Disruption

There are several reasons that might lead to a person developing a lazy eye:

- Ametropia, a high prescription for both eyes

- Anisometropia, an uneven prescription for both eyes

- Strabismus, an uneven constant eye turn

- Cataract or corneal opacity that causes reduced vision in one eye

For each of these cases, the patient is usually provided with a prescription lens to treat the lazy eye through vision therapy.


Treatment for Children and Adults

Amblyopia is typically something that develops in children, generally between birth and 7 years of age. Early diagnosis and treatment can allow the patient to prevent any long-term problems. The patient is provided with contact lenses, glasses, or eye patches, though sometimes, the patient might require surgery as well.

However, for those who do not receive early treatment, there was a long-standing misconception that nothing could be done to help them. Nevertheless, for children over the age of 7 to the age of 17, a clinical trial conducted by the American Medical

Association showed a significant improvement through the same basic treatments — vision therapy, prescription lenses, eye patching — as well as lazy eye exercises.

This shows that with the right treatments and the best optometrist in miami, everyone from children to adults can be treated for amblyopia.

Getting Treated for Amblyopia

The first step of getting treatment for amblyopia is getting a basic eye exam from the right doctor. And that’s where we come in.

Providing optometrist miami beach services to all in North Miami, Dr. Gilberg & Associates can help you with whatever vision problem you may have. We also provide care for eye diseases and are connected with some of the best doctors in the state in case you require surgery.

Whatever you need, you can be sure that we’ve got it covered.

Book an appointment online for an eye exam in North Miami or call 786-500-2020 to talk to a representative.

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