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Prep Checklist for Getting Lasik Eye Surgery

After several visits to your optometrist at Dr. Gilberg & Associates, you’ve finally been cleared for Lasik eye surgery. And needless to say, you’re a bit restless for the results.

Of course, you’re quite grateful to your glasses and contact lenses for having supported your peepers during your time of need. But heck, you’re more excited about lying down sideways without your glasses almost poking your eye out.


So get ready! Use the information below to prepare yourself for surgery:

Don’t Wear Contact Lenses

Lenses can impact the effectiveness of the surgery, mainly because they alter your eye shape and cornea hydration level. If you wear soft lenses, swap them for glasses two weeks prior to your surgery date. If you wear hard lenses though, we recommend swapping them at least three weeks before.

Arrange for a Buddy

Enlist a friend or family member to drive you to and from the doctor’s office. While you won’t completely be sedated, you will feel slightly dizzy later and might notice some blurriness afterwards, and that can be dangerous if you’re driving a vehicle, not just for yourself but for others as well.

Refrain from Using Cosmetics, Lotions, Creams and Fragrances

You’ll need to be fresh-faced and make up-free on surgery day. Residue from any products you use could cause infection post-surgery. Abstain from using such products at least 24 hours before surgery. Afterward, you may use a mild cleanser, fragrance-free though.


Don’t Let Panic Get the Better of You

Regardless of the stories you’ve heard; if you’re having your surgery done by an experienced eye doctor, you will not need to worry about any pain or discomfort. The most, you’ll feel slight pressure during the procedure. Other than that, the surgery is fairly painless and quick.

Remember to Rest

Keep protective goggles and wear them after the surgery is done, then go home and rest. While complete bed rest isn’t needed, we do recommend that you rest your eyes and refrain from using any electronic devices or anything that’ll need you to squint or focus too much.


Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Use the eye drops your doctor prescribed so there isn’t any inflammation or infection. If you feel any dryness, do not panic and keep using those drops. And go for your appointment the next day. Even if you have blurry or hazy vision the next day, don’t worry. Your eyesight will improve soon enough.

No Roughhousing

Keep away from sports or anything that has even a minute chance of causing damage to your face, and therefore your eyes. Your Lasik flap and your eyes have to heal. So don’t jeopardize your eye health for a game of catch in the backyard, no matter how much you’re tempted.

Are You Ready?

As one of the most reliable optometrists in North Miami, Dr. Gilberg & Associates works with some of the leading refractive surgeons in the state.

For any information regarding your Lasik surgery or any eye problem, book an appointment! We are here to help!

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