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The Ideal Age For Lasik Surgeries

Studies have found that kids’ eyesight is deteriorating at a younger age than ever before. This is largely due to excessive screen time. Physicians continue to warn parents of the many risks associated with prolonged exposure to screens claiming that excessive screen time doesn’t just affect vision but also overall health.

Adults and children who already have bad vision can consult their optometrist about getting lasik eye surgery miami – the simplest solution to fixing poor eyesight.


There’s no set age as to when you can get Lasik but generally surgeons ask patients to wait until they’re 18yrs old so the eyes are fully developed. Very rarely will Lasik surgeries be performed on young children that are suffering from severe eye conditions.

Most Lasik surgeries are carried out between the ages of 20 and 40yrs.

Image showing eye exam for contact lenses in north miami

To get a lasik eye surgery, the patient’s eyes must be fully developed and they must have a stable prescription for more than 2 years. Age just influences an individual’s Lasik candidacy, it definitely doesn’t restrict it.

Let’s take a look at how Lasik affects people of different ages:

Lasik Surgeries for 18–24 year olds:

People can have lasik eye surgery miami between the ages of 18 to 24years, however during these ages our eyesight changes. Optometrists will take a close look at a patient’s vision history before referring them to an eye surgeon. The ideal candidate for a Lasik surgery will have a stable glasses/contact lens prescription for several years.

In certain cases, getting a Lasik surgery may be necessary for a person’s line of work. For example, military personnel, policemen and even athletes may be required to fix their eyesight.

Lasik Surgeries for 25-40 year olds:

If you were to ask eye surgeons about the best age for a Lasik surgery, they’ll say that people in the 25-40yr age bracket are ideal candidates.

By the time we reach 25, our eyes are fully developed and we have stable vision.


Lasik Surgeries for 40-55 year olds

Image showing emergency eye care north miami

Once we hit 40, our vision changes again. Even if an individual has had perfect vision throughout their lives, they’ll probably need “reading glasses”.

People that are 40yrs old and above, can still undergo lasik eye surgery miami provided they are healthy. People with “reading glasses” can also opt for Lasik surgery; this way they won’t have to wear glasses when engaging in sports or other physical activities.

Before giving people in this age bracket the green-light to go through Lasik surgeries, optometrists will take a good look at their family history and medical records to ensure they aren’t suffering from diabetes, glaucoma and corneal disorders.

Lasik for Seniors

Lasik surgeries don’t have an upper age limit. However, as people approach their senior years, cataracts become more common; these will have to be cleared before the patient has Lasik.

Elderly individuals also experience other conditions like corneal disorders, glaucoma, dry eyes and side-effects of medication. Optometrists conduct thorough examinations before deciding if a patient is ready for Lasik surgery.

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