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There Wasn’t a Dry Eye in the House! — Taking Care of Eye Problems during Flu Season

You love the winter season. It’s nice and chilly. The food is even more fulfilling, and your beloved never says no to a good snuggle session. But with these wondrous qualities, you know there’s a caveat to it all; the flu!


Yes, even with all your hard work at not catching it, the flu has somehow made it to you and now those snuggling sessions have been cut short. You can’t breathe well, you can’t eat, but worst of all, you can’t even see well because of your itchy, dry, watering eyes.

So let’s fix this!

While for your other symptoms, you might need some ginger tea, a good steam and a box of tissues for those sniffles, here’s what you should for your eye problems!

Different Eye Problems during Flu Season

  • Infection

It’s actually quite easy to get bacteria and germs into your eyes during flu season. You might sneeze or cough into your hands, or use a towel or handkerchief that you used to smother your sneeze to clean your eyes. There are a lot of possibilities. One way to avoid this transfer is by sneezing or coughing into a tissue, moving your face to the inner elbow if you need be, and using antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer.

  • Itchiness

Itchy, red eyes are a staple for flu season. Although not dangerous, this can become quite uncomfortable when paired with the hacking and coughing. Not to mention your red eyes might seem a bit unsettling as well. Take care of your peepers by using cooling eye drops, taking a pill/medication and not wearing your contact lenses during this time.


  • Dryness

Itchy eyes and dry eyes go hand-in-hand. However, dry eyes are usually caused by dehydration or poor air quality, rather than any bacteria or germs. If you do feel your eyes drying out, start drinking water and take some OTC lubrication drops. However, if your eyes are extremely sensitive, we recommend that you ask your eye doctor first before taking any eye medication.

  • Watery Eyes

Allergic reactions often trigger watery eyes. Your eyes might leak or tear continuously and you might feel a burning sensation along with. If this is the case, we recommend that you take a light antihistamine. If you’d rather not try any medication, its best to just rest your eyes and let it be. Watery eyes typically resolve themselves in a few days.


Need a Doctor?

Dr. Gilberg & Associates is here to serve!

As a leading eye clinic in North Miami, Dr. Gilberg & Associates offers numerous optometry services, from simple eye exams to services for ocular emergencies. If you’ve got a flu-related eye issue, book an appointment with Dr. Nicolas Gilberg today by calling 786-500-2020.

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