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Understanding Strabismus

According to the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, an estimated 4 percent of the US population has Strabismus, a condition in which both eyes point in different directions.


Whereas one eye might point forward, the other one might turn upwards, downwards, etc. Also known as a squint or being cross-eyed, the condition can be congenital, although it may also develop in the first several years of a person’s life.

Typically, Strabismus occurs when something disrupts the eye’s ability to maintain its position and movement; this usually occurs in the muscles of the eye or the nerves in the brain that controls one’s vision.

When that happens, the eyes aren’t able to work together and the brain doesn’t receive an image that blends properly. To correct this, the brain suppresses those signals from the eye that aren’t usable.

When this happens, the ignored eye ends up being less developed, causing a condition that’s called Amblyopia or lazy eye. Strabismus occurs when that less developed eye looks in a different direction than where it should be looking at. And that causes Strabismus.

Although this disruption can be small and unnoticeable at times, there is a chance that the misalignment may be significant, in which case, the patient will need proper treatment.


Treating Strabismus

Strabismus can easily be diagnosed through a routine eye exam by a qualified optometrist in north miami. If a patient is a child and you suspect that they have strabismus, it’s best to bring them to the eye doctor as soon as possible so they can be treated.

The doctor may recommend prescription glasses to correct their refractive errors, which in turn helps correct the squint. If the child has a lazy eye, they can also use an eye patch on the stronger eye so the patient is forced to use the weaker eye, which in turn helps to strengthen and correct it. The doctor will also recommend eye exercises to help re-align the patient’s eyesight.


However, if all these methods fail, your optometrist will suggest surgery, which is performed on the extraocular muscles.

Find the Right Optometrist in North Miami

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